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Whether you want to immortalize your party's heroic deeds, promote your events in serious style, or show a loved one you care, you're in the right place to get some killer art!

The prices listed below are a baseline. I can ring up a quote for anything you can think of, and even mimic the styles of many games and cartoons - just ask!

Painted Style

Bust Shot: $60
Waist-up: $80
Full Body: $100

A nuanced style that meshes emotive stylization with vibrant, robust lighting. Ideal for lavish portraits and dynamic natural scenes.

Turnaround (simple): 2-3 weeks

Turnaround (complex): 1-2 months

Soft-Cel Style

Bust Shot: $40
Waist-up: $60
Full Body: $80

A balanced option suitable for any creative need, with straightforward shading and clean palettes. Perfect for character art and group scenes.

Turnaround (simple): 1-2 weeks

Turnaround (complex): 3-4 weeks

Flatted Style

Chibi: $25
Bust Shot: $25
Waist-up: $40
Full Body: $50

A straightforward approach that emphasizes clear-cut shapes, perfect for detailed or angular subjects. Great for emotes and graphics.


Turnaround (simple): 1 week

Turnaround (complex): 2-3 weeks

Interested? Reach out! I'm almost always available to take on new work.

You email me at or use my contact form, linked below.

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to these terms and conditions.
Please read them in their entirety before inquiring.

Payment must be received in full prior to delivery of the final piece. A sketch will be sent for approval before payment is requested. Once payment is received, the piece will be completed as soon as possible. I will make every effort to complete a piece within an agreed-upon timeframe, but if you have a deadline, you MUST tell me up-front.


Reasonable revisions can be requested at any point prior to the piece’s completion, and I will ask for feedback at every major stage of the piece. Large revisions at late stages of drawing may incur extra charges, at my discretion.

Additional fees will be charged for above-average difficulty and complexity, including for any of the following:

  • Character art without visual references

  • Complex, high-detail designs (such as mechas)

  • Detailed backgrounds or set pieces

  • Gore, sexual content, and other NSFW

The prices listed above apply to personal pieces ONLY. Personal pieces are not authorized for commercial use, such as to advertise or promote a business or make merchandise. If you have any intention of using my work commercially, you MUST tell me up-front, and I will charge accordingly.

I will NOT draw the following under ANY circumstances:

  • Explicit sex acts

  • Hateful or bigoted content

  • Incest, pedophilia, or fetish content

I accept commissions at my own discretion and reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

You may NEVER claim my work as your own, mint my work as an NFT, or use my work for an AI.

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